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MANTOVA: Oil Olv Xvrgn Sabina Pdo, 17 oz

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In Italy, in the territories of Sabina, between Rome and Rieti, Sabina PDO olive oil is produced. This is an ancient olive oil obtained from a variety of olives, that include : la Carboncella, le Leccino, la Raja, le Frantoio, l'Olivastrone, l'Olivago, la Salviana et la Rosciola. The Sabina PDO has a golden-yellow colour with green hues, its flavor is aromatic and its maximum acidity is 0.60%. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great addition to a healthy diet and can be used raw or for cooking. Despite information suggesting that olive oil loses value when cooked, olive oil maintains its integrity up to medium heat, so feel free to use this high-quality oil to pan fry, saute, and prepare your favorite meals. Mantova provides true, Italian quality ingredients grown, bottled, and sourced on Italian soil.

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