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MOMS MODERN MIXES: Cookie Master Mix, 13.69 oz

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Our Cookie Master Mix is named the Master for its versatility. Use this mix to whip up any number of cookie varieties or other baked goods, with a dozen easy recipes on our website. Just stir in a few items and bake. No need to decide what you’ll make yet, just buy the base (the Master), look over our recipes, and you’ll be ready when it comes time to bake. Safe to share! The Cookie Master Mix is great to have on hand or give as a gift without worrying about offending anyone’s allergies. Thoroughly sampled by folks with no dietary restrictions, we can verify this will meet your every expectation for taste and texture. Unlike many gluten free baked goods, you can make these cookies as small or as large as you want. They will hold together and maintain an excellent texture.
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