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NATURADE: Total Soy All Natural Meal Replacement Powder Bavarian Chocolate, 37.1

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Take control of your health with Total Soy® All Natural Meal Replacement.  Total Soy naturally delivers 13 grams of protein, 24 vitamins and minerals and 2 grams of fiber in a low 150 calorie shake.  As a meal replacement, Total Soy may promote weight loss, reduce cholesterol and reduce your risk of Heart Disease, the #1 cause of death in the United States. Take charge of your health with this easy, naturally great tasting meal replacement system and reap the many health benefits! Achieve your weight loss goals with Total Soy® by Naturade®.  Your extra pounds are not only a leading risk factor in heart disease but in a number of  diseases common in our modern lives.  Replacing two meals a day with a low 150 calorie Total Soy® shake along with an active lifestyle improves your health and will help you look and feel better!  Feel fuller longer, reduce your calorie consumption and support the realization of your weight loss goals with Total Soy® by Naturade® You don’t have to be overweight to need a cholesterol reduction diet. Naturade Total Soy is concentrated to help you increase your Soy Protein intake. Total Soy® is not just a protein shake, it’s packed with 24 vitamins and minerals and provides an essential boost to your hungry systems.  In addition Total Soy contains health promoting antioxidants and soluble fibers to complete the valuable benefits.

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