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S & B: Sauce Mix Medium Hot Golden Curry, 3.2 oz

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Curry roux made it easy for anyone to make tempting curry and was further refined by the Japanese in 1950.Adopting the same method from chocolate, which contains fat to keep it solidified at room temperature, bars are easy to package, sell and use. Consisting of curry powder, flour and seasoning, a bar could quickly transform mundane stew into fine curry simply by adding them to the mix. This convenience contributed greatly to popularization and development of Japan’s curry culture, of which S&B lead the way with products like Golden Curry. How to enjoy Japanese curryJapanese-style curry can be enjoyed with rice, bread, noodles, and buns, etc. Toast the bread slightly and put the curry on like Bruschetta. Use it as a sauce for mashed potatoes or meat dishes, or as a dipping sauce for steamed vegetables. Golden Curry“Golden Curry” is made of S&B original curry powder and Japanese Curry features the rich aroma of spices and herbs. It is long-loved by many customers worldwide since its introduction. S&B Golden Curry Sauce Mix contains no meat or meat related ingredients.
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