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SUPERIOR SOURCE: Methlycobalamin B12 B6 Folic Acid, 60 tb

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Superior Source No Shot B12 delivers you a combination of potent 1,000 mcg of activated Vitamin B12, as methylcobalamin, plus a full day's supply of Vitamin B6 and Folic Acid, three critical B vitamins required for control of elevated homocysteine levels that are linked to increased risk of heart disease. Studies have documented the efficacy of methyl B12 in slowing down or even reversing negative effects on your nerve tissue, also playing a role in balancing your brain chemicals and synthesizing neurotransmitters, which are the chemical means of communication between your nerve cells. What's more, methyl B12 has exhibited beneficial effects against brain aging, irregular sleep patterns, and it may also support healthy immune function and promote normal cell growth. And the Superior Source instant-dissolve tablets dissolve immediately under your tongue, getting right to work in your body!

You probably don't spend much time thinking about your liver, but it does lots of heavy lifting for you! It filters out toxins from your blood at the amazing rate of a quart per minute. It sorts out the good from the bad, keeping anything useful and tossing out the junk. As the world becomes more and more toxic, a liver working at optimal capacity plays a bigger role in health and well-being than ever before. Swanson's Milk Thistle supplement is the ultimate in liver health. Silymarin, a powerful antioxidant flavonoid, contains specific protective benefits for liver tissues, making milk thistle a premier liver tonic. Our convenient capsules deliver 500 mg of milk thistle nutrition that won't put a dent in your pocketbook.