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TISHBI: Preserve Cherry Shiraz, 7.7 oz

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Tishbi Wine Jellies and Wine & Fruit Preserves are made from the award-winning vintage wines of the Tishbi Winery, founded in Israel in 1882, and the freshest, locally grown, all-natural fruits. They were created by Oshra Tishbi, the 5th Generation to work with the family-owned and operated winery, and are hand-made in small batches to ensure the finest quality. Not only are Tishbi Wine Jellies and Wine & Fruit Preserves the perfect accompaniment to cheese, but they are a fantastic condiment to use on sandwiches. They are wonderful used for glazes or sauces with meats and fish and are heavenly spooned over toast or ice cream, cakes, croissant and waffles. The wine jellies can even be used as a substitute for wine when cooking.

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