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TRANZALPINE: Organic Kamahi Honey, 8.8 oz

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Our organic Kamahi honey is harvested amongst hidden pockets of New Zealand forest paradise. The bees harvest Kamahi nectar from the delicate white flower clusters hidden in remote forests of South Island. Our Kamahi honey is certified 100% organic; genuine and totally traceable to our organic and isolated beehives. All our organic Kamahi honey is independently tested and certified organic by BioGro™. TRACE OUR HONEY – Each jar of TranzAlpineHoney has a unique batch code which is traceable to our beehives. TasteKamahi honey pairs deliciously with creamy, white-mould cheeses, such as Brie and Camembert. Its sweet intensity enhances the flavour of fresh berries, provides an exquisite base for sweet sauces, and can be used to balance spicy dishes, such as Thai food. TextureKamahi honey is a rich, amber colour with a smooth, soft texture. AromaBeautifully fragrant, Kāmahi honey smells like caramel or toffee, with just a hint of vanilla.

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